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Europe gets Punch Out, other virtual console classics first

Kyle Orland

OK, we're used to Japan getting cool stuff before us. That's OK -- they saved the game industry after Atari botched things up, so it's only fair that they get Final Fantasy and Gundam games early. But now we hear that Europe is getting Virtual Console games like Punch Out, Legend of the Mystical Ninja and Dragon Curse before us red-blooded Americans. Doesn't Nintendo know that Europe is supposed to get everything last? Maybe they can take some pointers from Sony on that score.

I suppose we shouldn't be too mad about this, since all these games have been available for other systems for over a decade. But it's the principle of the thing. We declared our independence from European mastery back in 1776, and yet those old-worlders still get to lord their downloadable classics over us hundreds of years later. It's just not right!

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