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Free T-Mobile WiFi with latest PSP firmware update

Sony's looking to make their latest PSP firmware upgrade, version 3.30, too appetizing for all the homebrew users out there to pass up. In addition to officially sanctioned (albeit tempermental) full resolution video support, Sony has upped the ante by offering 3.30 users 6-months of complimentary access to T-Mobile WiFi HotSpots, available at over 8000 locations across the US including Starbucks, Borders, FedEx Kinko's, Hyatt, Red Roof Inns, Sofitel and Novotel Hotels, and select airports. Yeah, for free.

To access the service, follow PSP Fanboy's handy guide. Have an innate distrust of guides? We'll condense it for you: turn on your PSP within range of a T-Mobile HotSpot, select the T-Mobile HotSpot icon under Network Settings, select [Use Promotional Access] if you ain't got an account already, and then get your game on! Now, if only more PSP games supported Infrastructure mode.

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