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Pre-April Fools warning: Trust no one

Kyle Orland

As you wander unsuspecting into your weekend, don't forget that the craziest game news day outside of E3 (well, maybe not anymore) is coming up. That's right, Sunday is April Fools Day, the one day a year where newsmakers and gamemakers everywhere stop making unintentional jokes and try to intentionally make up the most ludicrously believable fake stories that they can.

From BurgerCraft to real 1up mushrooms to cheat site shutdowns, no topic is safe. Heck, in the case of magazines, the actual joke can come in early March. Here are few tips to keep your coming weekend fool free.

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is: We'd all love for Nintendo to suddenly give everyone who clicks a link a free Wii, but face it, it doesn't seem too likely.
  • Sourcing is important: If a blockbuster April 1 story comes from unnamed sources or a mysteriously dead web site, remain skeptical. The least they could do is forge some documentation for their joke; make them work for it.
  • It's Sunday: Big gaming news never comes out on Sunday. Then again, don't be surprised if some sites wait till Monday to spring their foolishness this year.
  • Sega is not re-entering the hardware business. Nintendo is not leaving it: Actually, this is good advice to remember year round.
  • Your favorite classic Sega franchise from yesteryear is not going to suddenly reappear as a Wii-exclusive title: Oh, wait....
  • When in doubt, don't believe it: If the story pops up again in a week, you're probably in the clear.

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