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Breakfast topic: Favorite race


All the way back in October 2006, we asked you what your favorite race was, and since we have two more now, I think it's worth asking again. Of course some races have incredibly useful racial abilities -- will of the forsaken and fear ward come immediately to mind -- that make race choice an important one. But just as often a player's choice of race is made for cosmetic reasons, due to preference in starting zones, or because of personal reasons we may never know. Why do we have troll mages, orc warlocks, or night elf priests, after all? It's not because they're the best racial options for their faction or class -- it's because someone sincirely liked those races.

As for me -- I've got a troll priest. Why not an undead priest? I could have cannibalize (great for soloing), will of the forsaken (excellent throughout the game), touch of weakness, and devouring plague. Instead, I have berserking, hex of weakness (not bad for raid situations, and entertaining for annoying people in PvP), and shadowguard. These skills have their uses, but overall, the undead's racial abilities are distinctly better. So why a troll? Well, I happen think they have very cool hair options, and I'd prefer playing them to an undead any day. So what's your favorite race -- and why?

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