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Ferguson Hill's FH008 designer subwoofer shipping soon

Darren Murph

Our adoration for earth-moving drivers should already be quite apparent, and considering that Ferguson Hill's forthcoming FH008 was designed specifically to complement the highly-regarded (and highly priced) FH007 mini-system, it's probably worth a listen. The admittedly Apple-centric attitude lends itself to being quite the eye-catching piece of kit, and while we doubt it'll deliver on the same level as a 20,000-watt snow horn, the cutely boxed woofer should certainly fill in the lows to your subwoofer-less system. Packaged in a container which will likely be proudly displayed rather than hastily recycled, the bass machine within will sport a front-firing design, but sadly, the finalized specifications are still under wraps. Still, this thumper is slated to start shipping sometime in April, and even though we've no idea how much coinage will be required to claim one of your own, that little unknown shouldn't bother those who can actually afford it.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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