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Former RedOctane employees legally lose their rhythm

Ross Miller

Two former RedOctane employees, Guitar Hero II executive producer John Tam and brand manager Corey Fong, have settled with Activision regarding a lawsuit the publisher filed against the duo, GameSpot reports. The other parties involved -- PR firm Reverb Communications, peripheral manufacturer The Ant Commandos and former RedOctane employee Jamie Yang -- have not currently settled.

Activision claims that Tam and Fong had used their knowledge of its rhythm games improperly in creating and showcasing a demo that aimed at getting funding for a new development house, Lodestone Entertainment (formerly Hourglass Interactive), that intended to develop rhythm titles. Tam and Fong have consented to the judge's permanent injunction that bars the duo from the following:

  • Using the demo they created, which is said to have incorporated elements of Guitar Hero and StepMania, in any way
  • Disclosing or act upon any Activision trade secrets
  • Developing drum-, guitar-, or synthesizer-based games for the next year
  • Working on any Guitar Hero II controllers for the Xbox 360 until six months after the game's release this week
  • Developing any sort of competition for unspecified peripheral devices (effects pedals, perhaps?) found on a confidential list held by Activision until six months after they are released
Additionally, Tom and Fong are to turn over "all documents, files, or materials they might have relating to the publisher's proprietary information, Lodestone Interactive, or communications with Reverb and The Ant Commandos" to Activision, according to the report.

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