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Sony confirms PSP price cuts for America, "no plans" for Europe

Darren Murph

Just in case decorative displays and official memos weren't enough evidence that Sony was indeed listening up and slashing the price of its PSP, we've now got wind of spokesperson banter that should satisfy any remaining doubts. According to GamesIndustry, the official price of Sony's handheld has really been axed, assuring those still in the hunt for a new unit that these newfangled low prices aren't just here momentarily. Unfortunately for those across the pond who were waiting in tense anticipation for the recent PSP price hacks to be shipped on over, it's not looking too promising, as the aforementioned Sony spokesperson reportedly remarked that it "had no announcements to make about the PSP in the European market at this time." Of course, there's always hope for an (expectedly) delayed decrease in price, but if you were hoping things would just happen simultaneously, there's no good news for you.

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