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Apple Cinema Displays take price cut: 30-inch now $1,799


Looks like Apple is getting ready to clear some shelf space in their stores with price reductions across their entire line-up of Cinema Displays. Both the 20- and 23-inch displays have been reduced by $100 making them $599 and $899, respectively. While the oh so luxurious 30-incher has been cut by $200 and now sells for $1,799. Not bad if you just have to have a matching LCD for your new 8-core Mac Pro desktop. We can't help but wonder what they're making room for, of course. Full fledged HDTVs to augment their move into the Apple TV living room maybe? Or perhaps multi-touch displays to make the most of all those super secret new features yet to be unveiled in Leopard? Hell, we don't know, let's just enjoy the price cuts for now, mkay?

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