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Cal Spas' FRP-4300 fireplace touts iPod compatibility

Darren Murph

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After a chilly (albeit musical) stroll with your youngster, what better to have in your living room to warm you both up than a delightful fireplace? Of course, considering that you already passed up the iRocker chair, you'll likely be elated to know that CalSpas' FRP-4300 plays nice with your iPod. Adding yet another iProduct to the mix, this fanciful gas log fireplace comes in a two-piece configuration, boasts 65,000 BTUs, houses your Pod in a side-mounted alcove, sports twin four- x nine-inch speakers, and comes in 11 stucco colors. No word on pricing or availability, but considering that most of the nation is just rolling out of winter, you might be able to cut yourself a deal.

[Via CNET]

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