i'coo offers up Pico-iPod stroller: will the madness ever end?

Seriously, one day this mayhem has to end, but we suppose today isn't that day, so we'll just take a look at yet another (admittedly useful) product that'll probably sell at least three times as well as sufficient alternatives simply because you can strap your iPod into it. The Pico-iPod (which comes in black and white, to no one's surprise) appears to be a suite of iPod-laced goodies to pamper your child, including a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag, all entirely more attractive than your average kid carrier due to its DAP connection. In the hood of the stroller you'll find a holster for your dock-connecting iPod, volume / track controls, and built-in speakers to drown out those piercing screams lull the kiddo to sleep. While there's no apparent pricing listed on their site, we're seeing that it'll run you right around $300 from other outlets, so your kid best really love music before you throw down on this.

[Via TUAW]