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DIY wireless Sega controller for Wii Virtual Console

Evan Blass

It's literally been ages since we've held a piece of Sega hardware in our hands -- even our trusty old GameGear finally made the trip to gadget heaven -- but we'll never forger the first time we picked up a Genesis controller and were floored by the future of gaming. Its name? Altered Beast. Well as we all know, Sega ended up getting lost in the shuffle during the 20th century console wars, and all that's left today is a steady stream of new games and some classics that have found their way onto the Virtual Console. Isn't it appropriate, then, to get into the Sega spirit by playing these retro titles with genuine Sega controllers? Well you ain't gonna find them on shelves anymore, but if you've got an old gamepad lying around like Daniel Hearn did, its not all that difficult to roll your own wireless pad. All the parts you need -- save for the controller body itself -- can be found at the Sparkfuns and and RadioShacks of the world, and the linked guide gives you all the programming / construction resources you'll need. Big ups to the first reader who combines this project with the Mega Drive controller MP3 mod, creating a DAP whose functionality even the iPod can't touch.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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