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Kojima interview reveals MGS4 tidbits

Kyle Orland

Twenty years after the first Metal Gear game, creator Hideo Kojima is surprised he's sill working on the multimillion-selling series. This and other interesting tidbits came up in a recent interview with Kotaku. Among the relevant bits:

  • Kojima reconfirms that Metal Gear Solid 4 is "aimed for the PS3" and won't go multiplatform. He suggests that rumors to the contrary persist "because 360 owners want it on 360, obviously." Take that, 360 fanboys.
  • Kojima would like rumble in the new game, but isn't sure the controller technology will be available in time. As of now, the game is being built without rumble support.
  • Will MGS4 be the last game in the series (as its predecessors were once supposed to be)? "It's really up to the users ... If users want more Metal Gear, then I will probably step up as producer, like the James Bond series does."
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