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Reader UI of the Week: March 15 - 30

Paul Sherrard

This edition's UI is, in my opinion, pretty good looking. It's clean and it looks like all the mods have been tweaked in their settings to look as though they belong to a coherent whole.

Zodak of Dark Iron provides an explanation of his UI is as quick and clean as the setup itself:

My UI goal is to simply display everything necessary in a straightfoward manner. Minimalism with the most pertinent information shown as possible without creating clutter. I've also focused a lot on maximizing my widescreen display.

The mods we can see include:

  • FuBar
  • EEpanels
  • SWstats
  • agUnitFrames
  • Bartender3
  • Prat
  • Squeenix
  • SimpleCombatLog
  • Buffalo

What do you think of Zodak's setup? What I want to see from you in submissions for the next edition are some really WACKY UI setups. Let's see how outrageous you can get! Maybe we can put together a cavalcade of the weird, the cluttered, the unusable!

Show us what you got by submitting to:

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