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Tidbits from AT&T land: the 2610, CU500v, and more

Chris Ziegler

It's time for spring cleaning in AT&T's lineup, and since we got hold of a fresh price sheet a few days back, more details have filtered in as to what we can expect in the next few weeks. Pictured above is the lowly 2610 candybar from Nokia, a cameraless phone that's destined to replace the 6030 -- it'll hit for $190 devoid of any commitments or just $40 on a two-year. Next up, we hear that the LG CU500v will still be the very first device from AT&T to support its new, questionably useful one-way Video Share service, despite the fact that it doesn't appear in the carrier's most recent pricing (still no exact date on when it might drop). Finally, good news for road warriors without PC Card slots: rumor has it that both USB and ExpressCard modems will hit before we say goodbye to the month of April. Cheers to that!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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