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F-Origin's HaptiTouch 2.0: MyOrigo returns!


Step asside Immersion, you're not the only ones offering haptic technology for mobile devices. From the ashes of MyOrigo's assets comes F-Origin's HaptiTouch 2.0 force-sensing technology. Pressure sensors measure your push on the screen to cause a "pinpointed vibration" directly below your finger. In contrast, Immersion uses resistive technology which measures the changes in electrical current as your grubby finger smudges across the display. See, as good as they look, the problem with the latest round of button-less, touchscreen handsets is the lack of that good ol' fashioned haptic feedback. Something you'll surely miss while tapping away on a zero-feedback, touchscreen keyboard. Immersion's VibeTonz tech can already be found in Samsung's SCH-W559 phone loosed in China. With any luck, F-origin will be licensing their newly acquired technology to manufacturers such as Siemens who will "likely" be first to market with product before the year is up. Check the 2003 MyOrigo Mydevice with 2007 F-Origin corporate voice over (and complimentary audio cheese) after the break.

[Via Wired Gadget Lab]

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