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Wii colored controllers and nunchucks finally coming?

Kevin Kelly

Remember back before the Wii launched, and they kept touting that the console and the peripherals would be available in all sorts of different colors? Well, that rainbow never landed, and we've been a captive of White since then. However, that might be changing very soon.

Go Nintendo reports that a retailer list they've seen announces the upcoming different colors for Wiimotes and nunchucks, and that they will be made available on June 29th in Europe. No mention of dates for U.S. or other territories.

Colored consoles will undoubtedly be coming around the same time, or soon after. There are only colors on the list: Silver, Blue, and Pearl Pink -- which leaves it up to you to color coordinate the best possible setup.

We'd still like to see these in jet black, like they showed off in the glass "concept" case at last year's E3. There have been skins from several third parties for both the console and the controllers, as well as an official color change to the Nintendo DS lite, although that also took awhile to get to American shores.

So, enjoy it while you can, Europe. You and your fancy colors will be the talk of the town ... for now.

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