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Apple TV Perl plugin

Mat Lu

Earlier we posted about a couple of cool drop-in plugins for the Apple TV. However, somebody we know around here was busy over the weekend and has hacked up a more user extensible plugin for the Apple TV that lets you run a perl script from the Apple TV interface. As Erica notes, many folks know how to write perl, but not Cocoa. So with this plugin you can easily write perl scripts to "scrape web pages, subscribe to RSS feeds," etc. Erica's examples include getting weather information, or date and time, etc., but obviously much more is possible. While it may not be quite as slick looking as those other plugins, it promises to be much more powerful, and of an entirely different order of geekiness. Check it out over at MacDevCenter. While you're there also have a look at Erica's State of the Hacks, that runs down what's now possible if you're willing to crack open your new toy,

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