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Sanyo bumps the memory on its 1seg-equipped GPS receivers

Evan Blass

When it comes to spec bumps, there's not much that's less exciting than a simple capacity boost, so you'll have to excuse our lack of excitement over Sanyo's new NV-SB250DT and NV-SD200DT Gorilla-brand personal navigation devices. Both models share almost the exact same feature sets as their predecessor, the NV-SD10DT -- 4.5-inch, 400 x 234 pixel touchscreen, built-in 1seg tuners with EPG, and 2GB of storage (up from 1GB on the SD10DT) -- and only differ in that the SB250DT sports a rechargeable battery where the SD200DT (pictured) takes replaceable ones (Eneloops, hopes Sanyo). April 24th is when these two 'new' models will hit Japan, with the 250 marked at ¥99,750 ($833.91) and the 200 sporting an open price.

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