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Casual indie RPG Iron Dukes announced, looking for publisher


Newly-formed indie studio OneTonGhost has recently unveiled a great-looking casual RPG project Iron Dukes. Described as a "light-weight, single player RPG with arcade elements", the game takes place in an early 1900s steampunk setting complete with evil mad scientist. OneTonGhost is hoping to capture a wide audience with action-based combat and shorter playtimes woven into a meaty RPG shell. The story is heavy with humor and features a few of our favorite things: cussing, name calling, and obscene gestures!

OneTonGhost is looking for a publisher and hopes to release the game on one or more consoles in the future. A short, barely-interactive Flash presentation lets you play around with the strange inventory shopping system (Tube of Muscle Grease, anyone?), followed by a brief slideshow of the game's main features.

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