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Creative releases Xdock, i600, and i500 iPod docks

Erik Hanson

Creative continues to cater to the iPod crowd with three new lines of docking accessories for Apple's players, including two with speakers, and one for pairing with home theaters or televisions. The X-Fi Sound System i600 is a copy of Creative's Z600 for Zen Vision:M, and the Playdock i500 and TravelSound i are modifications of the Zen's Z500 and TravelSound Zen V, all three going the built-in speaker route. Finally, the Xdock Wireless, which we first saw at CES, connects wirelessly to X-Fi remote receivers. From there it's wired to powered speakers or a home theater through line out, digital audio, S-video, or composite. Now let's hope Creative will put some of that iPod accessory income to good use building the next Zen Vision player.

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