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Ninja Gaiden DS out in Autumn, says Itagaki


It seems those eager to sever limbs and engage in increasingly violent stylus shenanigans still have a fair bit of waiting ahead of them. Speaking to CVG, outspoken and occasionally bonkers designer, Tomonobu Itagaki, has said that he hopes to have Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword done sometime in Autumn. With the DS platform targeting everyone and their grandmother, perhaps solace can be taken in the fact that this most touchy-feely entry in the series is also set to be the easiest. "Relax; I don't planning [sic] on making Ninja Gaiden DS as difficult as the Xbox variants," assures Itagaki. "My first priority is giving everyone the chance to try this innovative new control scheme and enjoy how great it feels to manipulate Hayabusa."

When asked if there would be a connection between the portable adventure and the proper console sequel, Ninja Gaiden 2, Itagaki explains that you "
may be able to extrapolate some similarities between the two, yes, and not just in the area of story." We'll leave you to extrapolate (hint: both feature a ninja killing things) while we fantasize about how great it feels to manipulate Hayabusa. Before he comes out. In the game.

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