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This year's World Series of Video Games to include WoW


The games to be included in the 2007 World Series of Video Games competition have just been announced, and it's an eclectic mix including World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero II, Quake 4, and Fight Night Round 3. Wondering what place World of Warcraft has at a competitive event like this? Diverging from Blizzard's 5v5 tournament format (where multiple teams have professional sponsorship) WSVG is going to be sending its competitors into the 3v3 arenas. The WSVG is a world-wide event that's making stops in Wuhan, China (May); Louisville (June); Dallas (July); Rome or London (October); and Sweden's Dreamhack event (end of November/beginning of December). Registration is currently open for Wuhan and Louisville, so if you think you're ready to dominate in the 3v3 arena bracket, here's your chance.

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