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Link smiles upon knife, dagger, and shield Wiimote accessories

Darren Murph

Pfft, and you thought your Sharp Shooter Wiimote accessory was hot stuff? Unfortunately, even remnants of Duck Hunt can't hold a candle to the trio of "full-size" Zelda props for your precious Wiimote, as the sword, dagger, and shield (shown after the jump) all do a fair job of mimicking the ones used in Twilight Princess. Of course, swapping them out in mid-game might not prove entirely efficient, but slicing and dicing your enemies could indeed become a whole lot more enjoyable when you're actually cutting through the air. Best of all, the entire set rings up at just $27.51, and while we're not in any position to judge the quality of construction, it's pretty safe to say that this is one instance where we'd certainly bring a knife (or two) to a gunfight.

[Via VideoGamesBlogger]

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