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N-NET's Juke Tower brings the bathtime fun

Darren Murph

Sure, we've seen waterproof MP3 players a time or two (or more) before, but N-NET's latest is designed to not only withstand the brutal rain blasts typically dolled out in your average shower, but to look fairly dashing all the while. Of course, Aquagate / Stereo H20 owners need not apply, but for the vast majority of us rocking vanilla (read: speaker-less) showers, this looks like an excellent way to bring your tunes into the downpour. The glossy Juke Tower sports an all-white design, gets its shape from the likes of shampoo bottles, touts a down-firing speaker, and can handle up to 2GB worth of USB storage. Additionally, users will find an on-tube screen that displays the track number or time (no luck with ID3 tags), a wireless remote, and around 12-hours of battery life from a trio of AA cells. As expected, such a sexy, resilient device won't exactly run you cheap, as the Juke Tower (full shot after the break) will demand ¥10,500 ($88) when it lands later this month.

[Via Impress]

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