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Sadness game for Wii is real, no it isn't, yes it is


Some games have all the bad luck. Stick the word "Forever" on the end of your title and the development period will last about that long. Name your console "Phantom" and it will vanish like a ghost. Nibris should have took that into consideration when naming black-and-white WWII horror/adventure game Sadness. All we've seen is concept art and already the game's development is a tragic tale.

Last year Nibris announced a publisher (Frontline Studios) had picked up the game. Time passed and no news came out of either company. A forum member at IGN decided to investigate and contacted Frontline. The response? "[We are] no longer interested in developing Sadness game based on Nibris' concept." How ... sad.

The folks at Kiff News weren't satisfied, so they investigated a little further and got in touch with Nibris. The company confirmed the split with Frontline and insisted that Sadness and other projects are in development. One of the company's leads has been out sick, which was the reason behind their silence.

It still sounds fishy to us, but only because we don't want to get our hopes up if this falls through. Next time, use the working title Happiness: On Shelves Now for better publishing karma.

[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]

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