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Treo 755p makes cameo on Sprint site

Brian White

Sprint's forthcoming Palm Treo 755p looks to be a quality upgrade from that "poking you in the side" aerial fashion of the older Treo 700p. With the wait about over here in the next few months (we think), that brand-spankin'-new 755p with curvier lines and no visible antenna may have been ready to be premiered in a few factory colors. Indeed, that's what a discovery over at Sprint's website divulged to us. When we see the Treo 755p and an additional "Burgundy" version sitting in a drop-down list labeled "Previously Sold Sprint Models," wethinks it may just be a small mistake since the 755p is officially not even out yet. Hey, mistakes happen, right? Like, you probably didn't mean to admit to the 755p's existence at all yet -- let alone as a previously-sold model. Oopsie!

[Thanks, Luke R.]

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