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RIM uses Lego to test BlackBerry


Back in 1998, when BlackBerry was just starting to garner some attention with its messaging devices -- voice was still but a dream at this point -- RIM engineer Matthias Wandel found a low tech solution to a high-tech testing problem. The BlackBerry 950 was a 900MHz device and moving them a couple centimeters this way or that or changing the devices orientation produced significantly different test results. Eschewing high-tech wizardry for the kid's Lego bin, Matthias was able to construct a device that could rotate the 950 through it's horizontal axis and vertical axis, looked sweet, and likely cost all of 10 bucks to make. We commend anybody who can create useful real world tools with toys, though of course we expect RIM can now afford Robots for this type of chore, or at least Lego robots.

[Via Slashdot]

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