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Video: Too Human lives!


Flying well below the watchful gaze of the internet for several months now, Too Human has risen once again. IGN has a massive video preview for the game, showing off many new and undiscussed elements. In particular, the preview goes into great detail concerning the RPG elements of Too Human. Dennis Dyack and the crew from Silicon Knights reveal details on the online co-op mode as well as the deep character customization system, which includes more than 20 customizable sets of armor (with more planned as DLC). In this sense, Too Human has a Diablo-like feeling to it, which certainly isn't a bad thing. Also discussed are the combat systerm (where melee attacks are based on right stick movements) and the dynamic camera system. Viewers will also get some insight on the Norse mythology on which the game is based. All in all, the preview is about nine minutes long. Give it a watch and tell us what you think.

[Thanks, kabes]

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