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Guitar Hero 3 to feature online multiplayer

Justin McElroy

Red Octane boss Kai Huang has confirmed that the third iteration of Guitar Hero will finally feature what lonely rockers everywhere have been hoping for: Online multiplayer. Huang reportedly made the comment during a Pro-G interview that hasn't yet appeared, so more details are non-existent at the moment. But that probably won't stop the rampant speculation about exactly how GH would work online.

For our part, we're interested to see how a game that necessitates split-second timing will translate to the occasionally laggy world of online play. Sure, the "online mode" could just be you and a friend playing the same song and then comparing scores, but that hardly seems like fun. Another question: Won't our fingers cramp up entering our 12-note friend code on the Wii version? We kid, of course, we don't know that there will be specific GH friend codes. But we can dream.

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