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Sony fesses to "considering" larger capacity PS3


It's the small moral victories that count, and after Sony ruined all of our fun the other week with that "we don't have any plans at the moment" non-denial denial of an 80GB PS3, it's nice to see 'em fess up to "considering" a larger drive for the console. That's really all the dirt we have at the moment, though. The comment was made by Satoshi Fukuoka, a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman, and he didn't seem keen on elaborating. It could mean a new, higher-priced SKU (think the Elite) or a price drop to the 60GB model, which now stands alone in the USA and Europe, and insertion of the new, larger model at the current 60GB price point. It's anyone's guess, so take your best crack at it in the comments.

[Via Joystiq]

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