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AT&T, Apple to offer rebate cash on the iPhone?

Chris Ziegler

If this were literally any other phone, talk of a rebate and/or instant discount at the time of purchase with a new contract would be a foregone conclusion; in fact, customers wouldn't tolerate it any other way. But this is the iPhone, after all -- and according to an analyst with American Technology Research, Apple is just now getting around to considering such a deal. Word on the street has Atlanta and Cupertino considering a rebate in the $50 to $150 range (presumably based on the model purchased) which could definitely make the 8GB version's $600 price point just a touch easier to swallow. Did Apple determine through extensive market research that consumers like it (gasp!) when things cost less? From its perspective, it may not matter either way because the same analyst is reporting that the company will be paid a "bounty" for each and every new AT&T customer it signs up in its brick and online stores. A good deal for Apple? Indeed.

[Thanks, Raphael D.]

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