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Microsoft looking into disc scratching

Dustin Burg

Xbox 360 scratching your discs? Well, you aren't alone. Dutch television show Kassa recorded an experiment testing 360s to see if they were scratching discs. What they found out was that most of the December 2006 manufactured 360s were indeed scratchers, probably due to a missing stabilizer piece in the drive itself. They send the video to Microsoft, complained a little, and finally got a response. In their statement, Microsoft acknowledges that their could be a problem with said 360s and that they will happily take a look at your console if you think it's scratching discs. If they find a problem they'll fix her up to a "normal" state, but only on a case by case basis. It's not really an admission of anything fundamentally wrong or a recall, but it's a statement none the less. So, if your 360 is scratching your games, just give Microsoft a call and they should treat you right.

[Via Engadget, Thanks Teddings]

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