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Beautiful Katamari Damacy confirmed for PS3 & Xbox 360, not Wii


Though series creator Keita Takahashi never intended to roll his Katamari into a deflated mass of has-been ingenuity, according to the latest Famitsu scoop, Namco Bandai is content to do so without him. As rumored, the Japanese publisher will revisit the katamari concept for a fourth time, now on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Director Jun Moriwaki has also expressed interest in adapting the series for DS and PC (using a keyboard), but remains reluctant about a Wii version. Moriwaki explained that Wii's controller presents certain difficulties that the dev team has yet to overcome. Update: 1UP has posted Moriwaki's comments about a possible Wii version: "The Wii is also one of our platform choices... However, the controller for Wii is quite unique so being able to overcome the different issues will be the key."

Dubbed Beautiful Katamari Damacy, this new version won't reinvent the sticky ball, but will super-size it. Famitsu reportedly displays a katamari growing to 10,000-km proportions (Earth is just 2,742 km larger). Beautiful will also introduce online play, likely featuring co-op and competitive modes. Famitsu reports that the game is roughly 50% complete, but still without a release date in Japan.

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