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Breakfast topic: Not tonight, honey, I have a raid


In our recent thread on the delicious yet filthy Alliancecake cooked up by a player's fiancee, one player remarked that he'd like to see more relationships where gaming habits are accepted, rather than mocked.

I've seen a lot of complaints along this line on the forums. How can I get my girlfriend into WoW? Why does my boyfriend complain whenever I play? Then there are the problems that arise when the significant other does start playing WoW. My boyfriend is constantly hogging the computer. My fiancee only wants to play elves. Why do my guildmates keep hitting on my wife? Help, my girlfriend rolled the same class I did and we're fighting for gear!

So, for today's Breakfast Topic, we ask for your thoughts on this tricky topic. Is it better to have a significant other who plays WoW, or one who doesn't? How does your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever react to your gaming habit? What are your tips for balancing a successful relationship and WoW, or, alternatively, what are your horror stories?

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