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Sega picks up rights to Hulk, Captain America, Thor

Justin McElroy

A limited number of the Avengers assemble! It may lack the punch of the standard battle cry, but it seems to be the one on Sega's lips as they add The Hulk, Thor and Captain America to their character roster. What unites these three characters? Are there a handful of designers at Sega with a bold vision to bring these favorites to life on consoles ... or could it be that all three are the subject of forthcoming blockbuster films? Well, Reuters says that Sega's already got a team on The Hulk in anticipation of the June 2008 film starring Edward Norton, if that helps narrow it down.

Sega is already creating an Iron Man game internally for consoles in conjunction with the Robert Downy Jr. flick due out next year and Reuters reports that the game is being made "using next-generation technology," so it should be an instant classic. We're anxious to see what Sega does with the heroes, but allow us to make one small suggestion: Wiimote + Thor's hammer = funtastic. That's all we're saying.

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