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USB-IF unveils new charging protocol to shorten your wait

Darren Murph

While you may be a tad more interested in concepts such as wireless USB or micro-USB implementations, the USB Implementers Forum is kicking out yet another (low key) improvement to the universal serial bus. The crew has now announced the availability of the Battery Charging Revision 1.0 specification, which defines "a standard way for portable devices to draw current from wall chargers or PCs," and furthermore, "allows PCs and hubs to provide increased levels of current in order to shorten the charging time of connected devices." Of course, the task force made sure safety concerns were adequately addressed, as the protocol also defines a mechanism for connected peripherals to detect what type of power source it's mated with and draw an appropriate amount of energy from said host. No word on when nor how the new spec plans on hitting the market, but there's plenty of emergency powering alternatives to snap up in the meantime.

[Via TGDaily]

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