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Final Fantasy remakes unconfirmed for UK; imports feature English option


Unfortunately, it appears that the UK version of the Final Fantasy remakes are not yet confirmed for the UK, according to CVG. The title is currently "to be decided."

While we don't think Square Enix would miss an opportunity to milk Europeans for their money (look at the game's pricing), impatient gamers can import the Asian version of the classic RPGs. In an unexpected move, these UMDs feature both English and Japanese language options.

Those that have picked up an import copy seem to have high praise for the remakes. A Neo-Geo forum user notes that the CG intro "isn't all that," but the "game looks freakin' nice on the PSP screen ... [and] music and sound quality seem top end too."

Users on the PlayStation forums seem to agree, with many drooling over the updated the graphics: "the animations for the summons and magic and sword swiping has improved they changed the graphics of it to look more new age."

Japanese website eg offers a helpful comparison picture, highlighting the differences between the GBA remakes and the PSP remakes. The PSP clearly offers a much higher resolution, and some new lighting and shadow effects. These subtle differences are responsible for the incredible impression that the game is leaving on early purchasers. These early adopters believe that the increase in price is justified--will you as well?

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