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Sling Media wants to stream to iPhone

Mat Lu

We mentioned a while back that Sling Media was working hard to add support for the Apple TV to their Sling Box placeshifting device. Now the company's CEO Blake Krikorian revealed at NAB that the company is courting Apple to allow Sling to offer their client software on the iPhone. This would effectively allow iPhone users access to their entire home media collection as connected to a Slingbox. Presumably, this would have to be over WiFi since the the iPhone's EDGE connection would be too slow for video. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple is not commenting on this.

For my own part, I think this would be an absolutely killer feature for the iPhone, though I would not be surprised if Apple had in mind developing something in house rather than letting Sling offer their client (which already runs on Mac, PC, Windows Mobile, and Palm).

[Via MacNN]

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