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Siemens chairman resigns amidst widespread corruption scandal


Screw getting a dollar a year salary or changing the world, the hip cool chairperson / CEO thing to do these days is resign. Perhaps for obvious reasons, or perhaps for the daunting task of getting your company back on track after major setbacks, the big wigs are falling in droves. This time around it's Siemens chairman Heinrich Pierer who's bailing, because despite the fact that he's not involved in the current embezzlement investigations, he says his duty lies with the firm and its 400k employees. He said that his (soon to be former) company is in a "difficult situation due to the in part apparent and in part alleged misconduct of a number of managers and employees," and that "The sole reason for my decision today is to serve the best interests of Siemens." He also added, just in case we weren't clear on the fact that he isn't in trouble with the popo, that this was "A personal responsibility in view of the current investigations was not the basis for my decisions." Don't worry Heinrich, we don't blame you one bit.

[Image courtesy German Press Agency]

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