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Apple among Gen Y most trusted brands


Ok, Generation Y, which brands do you trust the most (for the record, "Generation Y" is comprised of people between the ages of 21-27)? Outlaw Consulting asked that question to a group they referred to as their "...most forward trendsetter* panelists" across several US cities, and Apple topped the list.

According to Outlaw, brands that the subjects viewed as "straightforward" were viewed favorably. Also, plain packaging that seemed to "...avoid excess" scored well. That seems to be consistent with Apple's famed "out-of-box experience," wouldn't you say? Other brands in the top 15 include:

As a representative of Generation X myself, let me say, "Vitamin Water?!? It's just water. I'll never understand kids these days."

*Read: The crazy ones.

[Via Macsimum News]

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