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Westinghouse Digital speeds up rollout of PumpTop TV network


Westinghouse Digital looks to be giving the fledgling PumpTop TV network a big shot in the arm, joining with PumpTop purveyor AdtekMedia to significantly speed up the roll-out of the network to gas stations across the United States. All told, Westinghouse plans to bring the service to some 75,000 gas station pumps, which it says would make it one of the largest out-of-home digital media networks in the U.S. The service itself delivers news, weather, and other programming in easily-digestible five minute chunks, with an ample supply of advertising thrown in for good measure, of course. Drivers in Los Angeles will apparently be the first to get the added distraction as they fill up their vehicles, with those in the the Bay Area, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston set to get their fix follow shortly thereafter

[Via Gearlog]

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