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Philips doles out new mice and keyboards

Darren Murph

In typical Philips fashion, the firm has yet again chosen to unleash a barrage of new gear simultaneously, and this time around its the mice and keyboard lineups getting a few new siblings. Starting us off is the SPM8713 1,600 DPI laser mouse, which was designed on the small side to cater to laptop users, and the "soft silicon cushions" purportedly keep that cramped hand a bit more comfortable. The SPM7711 borrows most of the same features as the aforementioned critter, but markets itself to the desktop user while maintaining the "one-year battery life." The SPM4701 boasts a sleek, black design and internal LED optics, while the unfortunate SPM4700 gets a tail and sports "just" 1,000 DPI. Closing up the rear is the SPT5701, which matches the SPM4701 with a dashing keyboard that touts "drainage holes that can resist some accidental spillage." Unfortunately, we've no idea how much these new input peripherals will run you, but be on the lookout for a May launch in the US and Asia.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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