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Wired EIC talks Halo 3, voice acting

Kyle Orland

You probably wish you had Chris Anderson's life. Not only is the guy the head of Wired Magazine and the author of best-selling book The Long Tail, but he also got a sneak peek at Halo 3 through connections with Bungie Audio Director Marty O'Donnell. Oh yeah, Anderson also got to lend his voice to a few nameless grunts in the game. Jealous much?

Anderson unfortunately can't reveal much new information about the game because of a non-disclosure agreement, but he did say in a blog post that he was particularly impressed with the game's previously-discussed replay function. He was also able to share scans of a couple pages of dialogue from the game, including such scintillating bombshells as "Ooh-rah! Damn right!" and "There! Over there!" Wow! Who says video game script writing sucks?

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