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Apple commits to free upgrades for iPhone and Apple TV


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Apple's Q2 financial results are in, and along with the almost predictable profit and sales achievements -- $855 million in profits, 34% year over year growth, $12.6 billion cash on hand... you know, the usual -- Apple fleshed out a few details about two of its "closed" platforms, the iPhone and the Apple TV. Apple promises to "surprise and delight" users of both with new applications and software features as they go along, many of which will be free. Apple also noted that it's using "subscription accounting" to make sure it doesn't have to relive that 802.11n scenario of charging a nominal fee for upgrades. When asked about how widely the iPhone will be available in June, Apple didn't have a whole lot to say, other than they won't be able to predict demand until they start shipping -- we predict they'll sell a few.

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