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Coby recalls boomboxes due to potential fire hazard, crappiness

Nilay Patel

Coby's quest to become more than the de facto house brand of street vendors and pharmacies worldwide by shipping semi-respectable PMPs and DAPs has always been held back by the company's insistence on making chinzty little boomboxes and CD players, and now it looks like it's paying the price: Coby is being forced to recall nearly 15,000 MP-CD475 boomboxes because they sound like tin cans pose a fire hazard. You may remember the MP-CD475 as the legendary unit that redefined the dual-voltage AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB boombox market with its iconic design featuring the word DIGITAL on the top in huge letters. If you were desperate in a Walgreen's, um, we mean lucky enough to buy one of these between August and December of 2006, Coby says you should unplug it immediately and call them to arrange a refund. Hit up the read link for contact info and a list of affected serial numbers.

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