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XBLA mystery: Eets is missing! [update 1]


Today was poised to be another double header for Xbox Live Arcade. There's only one problem you see: you can't have a double header without two games. Upon booting up the trusty Xbox this morning, Eets was nowhere to be seen. Pinball FX was there (and it's pretty decent, by the way), but Eets: Chowdown was a no show. According to comments on, the game was briefly available but failed to launch once downloaded. It looks like the game was pulled as a result. It's unfortunate because we were particularly looking forward to Eets. Now all we have is pinball. 360 fanboys am cry. We've asked for an official explanation from Microsoft, and we'll spread the word when we get a response.

Update 1: It looks like Eets is back up and ready to download (or re-download). Commence chowdown ... now!

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