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New Pokemon duo sell 1 million in 5 days in US

Ross Miller

In addition to announcing a megaton year in sales, Nintendo has released a statement congratulating themselves on the latest Pokemon duo Diamond and Pearl, which -- in the spirit of their titles -- have sold a combined total of 1 million units in five days since its launch in the U.S. According to Nintendo's press release, that is the fastest rate of any U.S. Pokemon titles to date. Massive damage, indeed.

The figures should come as no surprise, as every single iteration of the franchise has reached platinum sales, and we expect both Diamond and Pearl to each hit that mark, as well. In Japan, the two titles have sold an aggregate of 5 million since its launch in the region September 28 of last year. Of course, these sales all but guarantee two more titles in the Pokemon franchise, Kryptonite and Adamantium.

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