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Found! Rarest phone on eBay, rarer than iPhone


Dog bless eBay and eBay sellers for being a never-ending source of amusement. Today's fodder is another iPhone clone, but with a twist! It runs Windows XP -- might be us, but that sounds a bit unlikely -- and looks like an iPhone, but of course is "rarer" (or something) and that's definitely reflected in the price, which currently sits at $450. Also packed into this handset is a dual-band GSM radio at 900 / 1800 MHz, 4 or 8 GB of storage space, 480 X 320 screen (with multi-touch, of course) and likely a whole pile of other nifty things. We usually don't try to give out advice about what to buy and not buy, but in this case, we just have to say: stay far, far away.

[Thanks, Kieran S]

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