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Xda terra becomes first WM6 Pro device to ship

Darren Murph

Just over a month ago, O2 Germany came clean and announced the future availability of the Xda terra, and now the carrier will forever hold the crown of being the first major provider to offer up and ship a Windows Mobile 6 Professional handset. Sure enough, O2's Germany webstore proudly displays the dashing mobile, lists the specs that you've already memorized, and mentions that it now includes a two-megapixel camera to boot. Of course, being first in line always comes at a premium, and from what we can gather through the (admittedly sketchy) translation, the lowest price point you'll be reaching is €279.99 ($382) bundled with a contract. Additionally, O2 lists the handset sans agreement for a stiff €519.99 ($710), but it looks like those will only be available from retail locations -- decisions, decisions.

[Via Unwired]

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