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Apple redesigns Support site

David Chartier

It's been over a year since we've seen a redesign of Apple's support site, so the company must have felt it was about time to redecorate. TUAW reader Cameron Drysdale noticed that the site has received a major redesign, bringing it a bit more in line stylistically with the new layout at the Downloads page we mentioned. I don't have any screenshots of the now old 'n busted support site, but it feels like this layout is a bit wider and and easier to navigate. On the left is a main navigation area that acts as a springboard to getting support for a few choice Apple products, with a drop down menu containing an alphabetical list of all the other products, right down to Apple Studio Displays and iWeb. This should help customers get to where they're going a lot faster than the previous design. Also more prominent in the bottom section of the site is a box for entering any Apple product's serial number to gain instant information about the support coverage it might have, as well as links to sections like AppleCare, Repair and Replacement parts and Exchange and Extension programs which all feature links to recent events, such as the MacBook/Pro battery update we just mentioned and the iMac G5 Power Supply exchange program.

All in all it's a nice redesign, with a few tasteful gradients to score some points with recent trends and a much improved, more navigable layout. Anyone know who handles Apple's site design?

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